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Coach Jenn Lee

Regardless if it’s a small crowd of thirty or a large crowd of 30,000, Jenn delivers a powerful punch when she’s onstage. Peppered with funny, quirky stories, hard-driving truths and facts, and vibrant audience involvement, she controls the crowd and brings them to their feet. She’s a rock star professional speaker!

Whether you are looking for team building conference speaker, motivational speaker, or a keynote speaker for your state conference Jenn will ignite the fire and passion to inspire your crowd to take action.

Jenn’s vocal expertise includes:

Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Would you like to leverage social media to grow your business? Do you fear spending all your time tweeting, posting, sharing and blogging with no results?

Let’s be honest, we’re over exposed. Between cute kittens taking a bath, piano playing prodigy babies, and negative political campaigns about who you should vote for, your little post about 17 cent scans is not making an impact. Sad to admit, but it’s true. As a business owner social media is a must and the pressure to tag it, gram it, post it, pin it, and tweet it is overwhelming even on a good day. Beyond the act of posting, social media is integral in building your brand. Matching your online presence to the in-person experience is key in building a long-term relationship with your client. Your potential clients decide if they should buy your product, utilize your services and, in general, trust you, from what they see online.

During this presentation Coach Jenn Lee shares her 5 keys to dominating social media and building your brand like a boss. #bam!

  • Identify which platforms offer your business the biggest punch.
  • Learn brainwash techniques to attract your perfect audience with the right medium.
  • Learn how to organize time to get maximum reach.
  • Learn how to conquer, connect and convert your audience every time.
  • Learn how to keep it real, authentic and engaged…make ‘em love you…lots!

Mastering the Art of the Sales Conversation

Whether you are having a conversation with an interested prospect, current client or a potential business collaborator, you’re not just selling your services – you are selling YOU! Too often small business owners perceive the sales conversation as an uncomfortable communication method and many tend to hide behind email, social media or rely on personal referrals. In reality this simple conversation is the best and fastest way for you to grow your business. You are only a few meaningful conversations away from making a positive impact on your business.

This talk can be delivered in one, two or four hour sessions with the following:

  • identify the types of daily conversations that are easily converted to sales opportunities, without sounding “salesy”
  • discuss the 4 basic personality types (Bulls, Owls, Lambs, Tigers) and how they play a huge role in your conversation success
  • understand exactly what the other party wants, by learning the fine art of the open ended question
  • learn how to easily gain additional prospects and opportunities by asking one of the 3 power questions
  • create sample question and benefit statements that can be implemented right away, with anyone. (two or four hour sessions)
  • role play interaction in a safe environment – we’ll get the nervous willy’s out of your system! (two or four hour sessions)

Small Biz Mindset and Maneuvers

You’ve got the passion. You’ve studied your industry and know your stuff. You’re committed to the cause. And of course, you’re out there hustling to make it happen everyday! So why does it seem that some people make it happen faster then others? It’s a combination of adjusting your mindset, altering your daily maneuvers and leveraging every action you take…immediately! Once mastered, these 5 business truths will have you quickly working ON your business instead of spinning your wheels IN your business.

Use the Power of Your Voice and Get Everyone Saying YES to You!

Women everywhere have a desire, both personally and professionally, to propel themselves to matter, to be great and to change the course. However, in our quest we tend to dance around the issues and questions ourselves, inevitably quieting our voice. This must change. Once harnessed, a woman’s voice of conviction becomes her power enabling her to serve the world and rightfully…herself.

Awaken Your Inner Entrepreneur

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial and Intrepreneurial Culture

Entrepreneurs possess the following:

  • They can identify unmet needs and create products and services that solve customers’ needs while attracting new ones.
  • They identify trends and quickly make necessary adjustments to maximize and grow the bottom line.
  • They assemble a team and motivate the players to get the big win and serve others passionately by representing their company.
  • They are masters of getting things done NOW. They’re not fussy and act swiftly and move on to the next thing.
  • They are masters at developing creative collaborations that move the needle in both businesses

These top strategies and traits which allow entrepreneurs to be masters of their world are not reserved for them alone. Leaders, managers, and executives of organizations can help their teams be more productive and successful every day, once they adopt these traits. It’s a combination of adjusting your mindset and implementing a few simple daily maneuvers.

Coach Jenn Lee, business consultant and keynote speaker, has worked directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken to thousands across the country, studying the characteristics that make them successful in business and life. In this high energy, straight to the point presentation, Jenn shares the five mindset maneuvers entrepreneurs possess that everyone can adopt:

  • Develop High Standards
  • Be Unreasonably Curious
  • Impatience is a good thing
  • Power of the Pounce
  • Creatively Collaborate with Others

Developing these allows for a fearless ‘move forward’ mentality, creating a culture of collaborative innovation, and fostering creativity for the benefit of all.

Recent speaking engagements include: Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle National Small Business Tour, Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Conference for Women, Edward Jones Financial, Universal Studios, Florida Hospital, Meeting Planners International, Association of Bridal Consultants, Highwoods Properties, and Orlando Women’s Conference, just to name a few!

All speaking topics are interactive, content-rich and customized for your event. If you really want to rock their world, we can quickly convert any of them to high impact and long-lasting team building workshops and breakout sessions at conferences.

Coach Jenn Lee

All speaking topics are content-rich, peppered with comical banter, and customized for your event. Book Coach Jenn for your next event now! 

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All speaking topics are content-rich and customized for your event. They can be converted into quick impact and long-lasting team building workshops and breakout sessions at conferences.