Spark & Hustle

Since founding Spark & Hustle in 2010, Tory Johnson has opened her playbook to thousands of women, sharing her playbook for business success through media, sales and marketing.

Coach Jenn partners with Tory to build the entrepreneurial BBF community; speak at the events and provide one-on-one targeted consulting.

Jenn knows that every woman has a SPARK — a small business idea, passion or expertise that she’s eager to share with the world.

Spark & Hustle teaches her how to HUSTLE — the strategies, resources and inspiration needed to start or grow a small business, giving current and aspiring women entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed regardless of age, education or background.

By focusing on growing the bottom line, Spark & Hustle is a powerful incubator for ideas and income streams. It’s also an impressive support system that gives every woman the accountability (and kick in the pants) she may need.

Spark and Hustle