She says she’s gutsy – that nothing stops her – she goes for what she wants, yet…
  • She can’t shake a GUT FEELING that tugs at her everyday.
  • She WAKES UP in the middle of the night because she knows she hasn’t made that ONE marketing move that will make the difference to her bottom-line.
  • She feels that repetitive TAP on her shoulder, when she reads about others who have made big strides in their business. “Hey girl, what are you waiting for?” 
  • She’s successfully BUILDING her small business – customers continue to buy from her – but she hasn’t reached a higher level. A level she knows is there for the taking.
  • She’s knows that slowing down to PLAY will boost her CREATIVITY and BUSINESS, but she doesn’t take the time to do it.
She says she’s gutsy…yet, she still feels these things, so is she really?
Chances are you have successfully executed a few gutsy moves to get you where you are right now. However, if you can relate to any of the above scenarios, then you are 100% ready for your NEXT GUTSY move!
My obsession with helping budding entrepreneurs, small business owners and organizations that “get-it”, grows every time I cross paths with these GUTSY guys and gals, who are primed to make big things happen and willing to do something about it.
If you’re primed for your NEXT GUTSY MOVE but not sure exactly what it is, how to make it happen or just ready to dedicate a little CREATIVE PLAY time in your business, then you’ll love the day Tory Johnson and I have created.
The Spark & Hustle business owner is NOT typical: they don’t desire or require typical. They’re unique and this particular event is too.
We’re saying NO to breakout sessions – we’re all in this together.
We’re saying NO to vendor tables – 100% of the focus is on YOU!
We’re saying NO to over-packed agendas – we have ONE singular focus.
Imagine a fun-filled high-energy room with creative, imaginative, smart business owners “playing” together to discover their next big idea, pulling back to see what’s right in front of them and collaborating to identify that one missing piece that will deliver results.
Join us October 5th in BOSTON and 
let’s determine your next gutsy move!
Coach Jenn Lee is a small biz strategist, marketing consultant and rockin’ high energy motivational speaker, and the founder of The Work Creative. Obsessed with small business owners and corporations who “get it” Jenn leverages her 25 years corporate sales and marketing experience to speak to small business owners, sales teams and companies across the nation. Her spot-on advice has made her a regular contributor on Orlando’s FOX News, and FOX Business Network, and is often featured in entrepreneurial podcasts and quoted in national magazines .  Follow along at @coachjennlee