I love Survivor! Castaways have to Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. They plot and strategize. And can flip on each other in less than 2.5 seconds! Their ravenous hunger to WIN $1 Million dollars pushes them beyond their comfort zones.

On the November 11 episode, Savage chatted with Jeremy and was confident they were in control. He should know better than that.

During the reward challenge, Wiglesworth got a second chance to redeem herself from Season 1. Teams had to paddle out to water in a row boat, collect heavy wooden boxes, bring them back to shore, and arrange them in a puzzle pattern. Wiglesworth’s team won the sweet reward of going to the Survivor Café where they enjoyed iced coffee and desserts.

Ciera used the time to remind Joe, Wentworth, Wiglesworth, Kimmi, and Keith that Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, and Stephen are tight.

As usual, things got heated during tribal. And Khaos Kass, the sole jury member at this point, loved every minute of it and egged Ciera on to keep talking, which she did.

Once the castaways finished voting, Probst asked if anyone had a hidden immunity idol.

Wentworth reached into her bag, pulled out an idol, and handed it to Jeff. The shocked look on Ciera (had no idea Wentworth had an idol), Savage, Jeremy, and Spencer’s faces was priceless.

Hey! Survivor wouldn’t be Survivor without a good blindside.

Can you guess who went home? It was “Mr. I’m Sitting Pretty Himself,” Savage.

See how quickly your fate can change for better or worse based on circumstances that are out your control. It’s the same in small business. One minute you can be at the bottom. And the next, you’re at the top.

The Small Business Game Can Change at Any Time

Richard Hatch (Season 1) managed to act strategically without seeming to be strategic. He knew that he
had no choice but to drop out and let Wiglesworth do his dirty work – she chose him to go to the tribal jury. This strategy won him a $1 Million dollars!

Do you see how being a castaway on Survivor is no different than being an entrepreneur or small business owner? Circumstances may become out of your control. But the power lies in handling the crisis or situation correctly.

I see this all the time. The business owner who loses a big client is devastated. But it pushes her to market her business more so than ever to the point of building a strong clientele.

The business game may change. But handled correctly, you can WIN!

How to Win in Small Business

Drop your “buff” or business strategy, and you could move your business forward. For example, if you’ve focused only on advertising through social media, try direct mail. It’s still a viable option and could be a better marketing strategy for your product or service.

Instead of freaking out over a tweet that went wrong, squash the backlash immediately. How? By addressing the content and handling the situation with professionalism. You move on and so does everyone else.

Sound good? I think so.

To get a better handle on the Game of Business, contact me for small business strategy consulting. Let’s work together and secure your place in the small business winner’s circle.