It’s GO time!  I dare you to take my 30 day challenge!  It will have you GOing in no time!

1)  Set a goal!  Don’t think you can get away with it that easy.  You need someone to hold you accountable! Tweet your goal using hashtag #GOchallenge and head on over to the Coach Jenn Lee Facebook page and share that GOal!

2) Create a visual reminder of your goal!  Take a picture!  Share your goal to the world.  Record a video of your commitment – we are waiting to cheer you on!

3) Indentify what may be standing in your way and what will stop you from really GOing for your GOal. Write them down.

4) Tackle those obstacles head on!  Now that you have identified them, you can kick em’ to the curb while you are on the GO! (the 30 Ways in 30 days CD can help you get rid of those obstacles)

You up for the challenge?  For all of you that have the courage to GO with your GOals, I’ve got a surprise for you!  All you have to do is share your goal on my facebook page, and we’ll hook up for a 15 minute huddle to make sure you are heading straight for the GO zone!  Alright, you are all set to GO for your GOal!  No more excuses!  Ready, set….. now GO!!!

Oh, and here is the 30 Ways in 30 Days CD to help you get GOing!

Coach Jenn Lee CD Cover 30 Ways in 30 Days CD

Join Coach Jenn as she shares her BEST coaching passages and takes you on a 30 Day journey in creating a fulfilling, proactive, in control, no excuses JUICY life!!

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