• Fueling go-getters is my thing!

    Fueling go-getters is my thing!
  • We're creative...and cute!

    We're creative...and cute!
  • Out of the chair - Out of this world

    Out of the chair - Out of this world
  • Get Clear - Get Going - Get Known

    Get Clear - Get Going - Get Known
  • Yes, you really can do this!

    Yes, you really can do this!

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Business Consulting, Marketing Strategy and Kick-Ass Presentations for the creative entrepreneur and competitive corporate team.


No canned presentations, rehearsed jokes, or PowerPoint dribble on my watch. Your audience will be racing to you with a fist pump and bear hug, thanking you for finally hiring a speaker that resonates with them. Let’s rock your next event!


There is no group coaching here, no tele-classes for you to pop in on, no e-zine to download. It is just you, me and my team developing a functional business framework. Let’s get you going with long-term profits and growth.

Marketing Strategy

The more you blend in, the faster you fade away. When it comes to marketing strategies, I know more than you do! With my finger on the pulse of what today’s consumers are craving and responding best to, I roll up my sleeves and dig into the muckety muck of what’s going to make you and your brand standout!  Let’s get to work!


Observations, rants and business obsessions

Plug in to the Work Creative wisdom! Informative and easily digestible articles to give you an edge in business.

She Told Everyone She’s Gutsy

She says she’s gutsy – that nothing stops her – she goes for what she wants, yet… She can’t shake a GUT FEELING that tugs at her everyday. She WAKES…

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Together We Conquered!

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