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How to live a time-lapse life?

I couldn’t sleep this morning.

I was wide-awake at 1:30 am. and at first, I was mad. What the heck was I doing up in the middle of the night? I need my sleep, I had a busy day at work, a conference to prep for and endless other tasks that always take up my day. 

After ranting to my cats, I decided to make the most of what was given to me.  I tossed back the sheets, brewed a cup of coffee and grabbed my laptop. I landed on TED.com and spent the next four hours immersed in thought provoking, mind blowing and beautifully crafted speeches. 

I learned about building profit, celebrating Earth and the power of hand-washing. Even a video on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Ha ha…I’ll try tonight, I promise! 

The 8 minute presentation and video that really struck me was of celebrated cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. 

I dare you to watch the little girl a few minutes in and tell me if she doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks with #truth. You go girl!

But it was the time-lapse photography that stuck with me. 

We all love flowers, right? However, unless you see a flower bloom in time lapse you can’t really appreciate its full beauty-what it takes to make that flower go from seedling nestled in the soil to full bloom; feeding the birds nearby and then to close for the night, or die on the vine, fall back to earth to create the next generation.

Depending on which stage you see that flower determines its value to you and ultimately your reaction. 

Not much value in the seedling because we never see it. Rarely do we see the fragile stem when it first begins to emerge, so crushing it when we walk on it is a typical outcome. Mid-bloom isn’t all that exciting either. I always feel robbed when I get a mid-bloom rose in my bouquet. Chances are I’m going to kill it before it opens! 

The full boom is majestic – we take pictures of it, add an Instagram filter, apply a cheeky quote via WordSwag and post on Twitter and Facebook with accompanying #beauty! 

The flowers value is high and we celebrate its beauty with the world! 

In life, we spend our days rushing all over the place – lists to check off , kids to get to school, businesses to run, people to please, pies to eat, gyms to visit after eating all that pie, social events, etc. 

Even during those slumber hours when our body and mind are supposed to be resting, we find ourselves racing. (Hence the 1am wake up call).

It’s exhausting. 

Quick decision making is key in getting it all done. We have to evaluate our people and scenarios quickly, determining our move based on that one finite moment. 

This methodology is dangerous in our business life. We jump to a conclusion without recognizing there is always more to the moment, a background or plan for the future. 

One negative post on Facebook: ”Well, he’s a jerk!”

Three hours before a return call: ”Not doing business with her!”

Be careful not to make decisions based on a finite moment in time. There is always more to the story.

Even when your scenario and reaction is good, it’s not good. 

I used to manage sales professionals in the homebuilding industry during the BIG BOOM. Remember when you could sell a house before the sign even made it into the ground? Tons of people flocked to the real estate market to partake in its easy loot. It wasn’t unusual to see 20 something’s drop out of college to sell real estate, banking $150,000 a year and surpassing their parents incomes with ease. 

However, when that bubble burst, as it always does, those same 23 year olds were walking around, scratching their heads in disbelief as the jobs that were available certainly didn’t pay $150,000 a year. Slapping them into reality, they realized that that finite moment in time, the BOOM, was not their reality.  They learned that their skill set was only worth $25K in a different moment in time. 

Assumptions and decisions based on a finite moment in time is dangerous. Just because you landed that perfect client (with that yummy profit in your bank account) doesn’t mean it’s your forever (bank) balance.  It’s not the full story, you still have to focus on the fundamentals, the nitty gritty, eat the meat and potatoes. Your life is never based on that one moment (as much as we want it to be!). 

None of us are able to see the end of our stories. We haven’t lived all the circumstances. 

How cool would it be to have our own personal time lapse camera for our lives? Making it easy for us to look back to appreciate the hard work we’ve put in, understand the current moment is just that ”current” and feel confident with our choices because we can see what the future brings? 

Until this magical camera is created (where is Steve Jobs when you need him?) I encourage you to pause before you react and judge negatively, and push yourself to see more in your everyday moments. 

Coach Jenn Lee rocks the entrepreneur’s world through marketing madness, high-energy speeches and money-mindset maneuvers! Small business owners are booming from her insight shared on Fox Business News and local stations across the country, and national publications, like Success Magazine. Get more @coachjennlee


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