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    Rockin’ Speaker | Small Business Strategist | Marketing Maven

You’ve got a great idea for a business, you know you’d be great at it, your family and friends are cheering you on and you even have some sales trickling in – great!

However, now you have a huge road ahead of you filled with…pricing, marketing, social media, cash flow, public relations, sales and much more…in order for your business to be successful and profitable.

With 25 plus years of sales and marketing experience, I understand how tough it is to navigate the murky waters and successfully launch your business into the world.

I. Get. It… And that’s why I’m on a mission to serve passionate, crazy, sleep-deprived people who are trying to change the world and still feed their family.

There is no group coaching here, no teleclass for you to pop in on, no ezine to download – those work for surface level needs. It’s you, me and my team developing a functional business framework that will set YOU up for long-term profit and growth.

Same goes for speaking - I don’t deliver canned presentations with rehearsed jokes and forget that power-point dribble nonsense! I’m quirky, funny and smart and I’m all about delivering relevant information catered to your audience and industry. My job is to have them so engaged that when the curtain is drawn, they’ll be racing to you with a fist pump and bear hug, thanking you for finally bringing them a speaker that resonates with THEM this time ;).